FIF Advisory Committee

Given the broad scope of industry initiatives and rapid change, the FIF has sought to sharpen its focus in areas of greatest concern to its subscriber base through an advisory level committee. This committee is a "board level" committee that serves to provide guidance on FIF direction, topic selection, and activity. The committee is comprised of up to twenty individuals who have demonstrated superior leadership and expertise through FIF Committee chairmanships or through other outstanding service in the financial services industry.

Committee Members:

  • Gary Stone, Bloomberg
  • Ken Brady, Morgan Stanley
  • Susan Crozier, FIS
  • Tony Hallinger, Pershing
  • Merissa Billingsley, Fidessa
  • Tom Jordan, Jordan & Jordan, Advisory Committee Chair
  • Gregg Berman, Citadel
  • Jeremy Kahn, Jane Street
  • Judy McDonald, SIG
  • Tom McManus, E*Trade
  • Jeff Wells, Cboe Global Markets
  • Leo McBlain, FIF
  • Jim Dolan, Luminex
  • John Ramsay, IEX
  • Jim Toes, STA
  • Mark Campbell, Fidelity
  • Doug Gifford, Broadridge