Management Team

William H. Hebert, Managing Director, Financial Information Forum

Throughout his career, Bill has been responsible for trading systems technology, global market structure initiatives, product development, strategic partnerships and client relationship management. Prior to joining FIF, Bill was a Partner and Managing Director with Alpha Omega Financial Systems. Previously, he was Vice President and Director of Strategic Development and Trading Solutions for Fidelity Capital Markets, and the Institutional Products Division of Fidelity Investments, where he managed various aspects of product strategy and electronic trading solutions. Bill has also held senior management positions with Thomson Financial Services and the Boston Stock Exchange.  Bill is active in the FIX Trading Community, and is currently a co-chair of the FIX Global Member Services Committee.  


W. Leo McBlain, Chairman

Leo serves as the Chairman for the Financial Information Forum, having recently retired as a Vice President for ADP Brokerage Services Group. Mr. McBlain was responsible for guiding ADP’s activities relative to new regulatory requirements and industry initiatives. As FIF’s Chairman, Leo has represented the Forum at SEC hearings, most recently regarding Regulation NMS. Mr. McBlain was active in founding the FIF in 1996. Mr. McBlain has over thirty years experience with computer and communications technology in the brokerage industry.

Thomas J. Jordan, Advisory Committee Chair

Tom is the Advisory Committee Chair of the Financial Information Forum and is also the President and CEO of Jordan & Jordan. FIF Program Office support is provided by Jordan & Jordan, a professional services firm specializing in the financial information services industry since 1990. Mr. Jordan was the Managing Director of Knight-Ridder Financial/Americas from 1985 to 1990. He was also the Chairman of Monchik-Weber, a consulting and product development firm. Mr. Jordan also held various management positions at IBM both on the technical and the marketing side of the business.