FIF produces the following monthly reports:

  • Market Data Capacity Statistics: FIF tracks OPRA, CTA, UTP, Nasdaq Prop, NYSE ArcaBook, BATS (US and Europe), Direct Edge (EDGA, EDGX), CME and Deutsche Börse market data statistics. 

  • Market Share: U.S. (Tape A, B and C), European equities market share and U.S. Equity Options market share (Cleared Contracts, Transactions and Premiums) analysis.

  • Market Dynamics: Analysis of trends in the average trade size of NYSE-and NASDAQ-listed securities, U.S. Options Average Contract size, NASDAQ Self Help Declarations, Stock Circuit Breaker and Short Sale Analysis.

  • Initiatives Tracking: FIF provides members with a summary of current initiatives, providing a concise status, relevant hyperlinks and a milestone spreadsheet.