Market Share - Overview

FIF monitors changes to market share as a result of structural, technological and regulatory changes. Collection of U.S. statistical data began in March 2007 when automated execution centers including NYSE Hybrid came into effect as a result of Regulation NMS. Starting in April 2009, FIF added coverage of the European equities market to analyze the impact of MiFID and MTFs on the European market. FIF generates monthly statistics covering Market Share in Tapes A,B and C, and European Equities Market Share based on Notional Value. Starting in January 2010, FIF added monthly statistics for Equity Options to analyze the market share of different exchanges in U.S. equity options. Market Dynamics statistics are shown on the FIF Market Dynamics webpage.

Executive Summaries

June 2016 Market Share Executive Summary

Posted Aug 31, 2016

May 2016 Market Share Executive Summary

Posted Jun 20, 2016

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