Market Data Capacity - Overview

Recognized by the press and the financial service community at large, FIF works with member firms to prepare and publish the definitive statistics on market data capacity. Financial institutions, vendors, and originators come together to share their data and expectations for future message traffic. FIF also tracks market data capacity with an eye towards future growth, providing members linear regression analysis projecting future market data traffic in options and equities. Both CTA and UTP SIPs submit average latency statistics on a monthly basis. 

View Current FIF Market Data Capacity Statistics Report

Access to FIF Capacity Statistics is limited to FIF members. Prospective members can view an excerpt of the capacity statistics by clicking here.

FIF Market Data Capacity Statistics Download (FIF Member Only)
Online download tool allows members to select and compare multiple feeds capacity statistics and download them for further analysis


Robert Wallos, HP Enterprise Services LLC
Jeff Wells, BATS