FIF Webinar: CAT Roundtable

FIF held a CAT Roundtable on Wednesday, June 17th at 3pm ET.   Panelists included Shelly Bohlin, FINRA CAT; Ron Veith, JP Morgan; Dave Emero, Goldman Sachs;  Ron Jordan, Kingland Systems;  Mike Major, SIG; Will Leahey, Refinitiv; Mark Hendrickson, D.A. Davidson; and Merissa Billingsley, Fidessa

If you were not able to join the live webinar, you can stream the recording here

FIF Webinar: SEC Rule 606 Best Practice

FIF held a SEC Rule 606 Webinar on Thursday, May 7th at 3pm ET.   Panelists included Gregg Berman, Citadel; Ben Calev, Best Execution Solutions; Doug Craig, Fidessa; Mark Davies, S3; Mike Earlywine, Abel Noser and Howard Meyerson, Liquidnet.

If you were not able to join the live webinar, you can stream the recording here

FIX-to-CAT Mapping

 FIX to CAT Mapping – Identifies FIX extensions needed to address requirements related to data reporting required by the CAT NMS plan. Please find the spreadsheet here

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