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ICE Partners with ADP on Database for Municipal Bond Market

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., and ADP, a global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, announced plans to launch a new alternative data offering for the U.S. municipal bond market. This first joint offering leverages ICE Data Services’ background in turning unstructured data into actionable insights and ADP’s expertise with workforce data. Initially, this data will be available through the Snowflake Data Marketplace and directly from ICE Data Services. The U.S. municipal bond market is broad with approximately one million individual bonds from 60 thousand issuers. This new offering combines ICE Data Services’ expertise in municipal bond pricing and reference data with ADP’s aggregated, anonymized and timely HR and compensation data. This synergy will create tools and analytics designed to help decisionmakers evaluate municipal bond issuers throughout the U.S.

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