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Save The Date – FIF to hold Quarterly Event focusing on the Consolidated Audit Trail

FIF will be hosting a quarterly event, sponsored by Morgan Stanley on Monday, September 25th.  The event will feature a panel of industry experts who will discuss various topics related to the implementation of CAT followed by networking reception.  Registration information and the agenda will be disseminated shortly. 

Posted Aug 14, 2017

FIF Creates Two New CAT Subgroups

In discussing with members and in response to CAT Industry Outreach efforts, FIF has initiated two new subgroups: The CAT Allocations Subgroup and the CAT Options Subgroup, with meetings starting last week.  The calls have been well attended, including representation from SIFMA, with each group working through specific use cases as well as current or anticipated reporting challenges. These meetings, combined with FIF’s involvement in more frequent meetings with the Plan Processor, Thesys, continues to support CAT implementation efforts for our members and the industry.  If you have interest in joining either of these two subgroups, email us at

Posted Aug 07, 2017

New FIF Member Firm: ULLINK

FIF is pleased to announce that ULLINK has joined the Financial Information Forum Community. Ullink provides global, market leading multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure for buy-side and sell-side market participants.

Posted Jul 31, 2017

FIF Industry Solutions Page

FIF has gone live with a new feature on our site called the Industry Solutions page. Within the Industry Solutions section, each FIF member firm has a unique page in which they can advertise their products and/or services to other FIF members and the industry. Each page contains a basic information field at the top, where the firm's contact information and links to products or services will be displayed, but we would welcome your assistance with more specific details regarding your firm and how your client focus and services should be categorized. Additionally, the page has an updates section, where you may advertise new initiatives, webinars, white papers, products or services. For members who wish to take advantage of the Industry Solutions page, contact us at to provide us with updates, services and products you wish to have displayed on your page. View the Industry Solutions Page here:  and access it anytime by selecting the Industry Solutions tab at the very top of the FIF homepage.

Posted Jul 24, 2017

FIF Participates in Industry Outreach Program with CAT Plan Processor

FIF, SIFMA and STA and members representatives from the respective organizations attended an in person meeting with the CAT Plan Processor, Thesys, last Thursday, July 13th.  The primary topic was the discussion of allocation flows, including institutional works flows, CAT reporting requirements, and next steps.  Further meetings will be planned in the coming weeks on additional work flows, which will include options reporting.

Posted Jul 17, 2017