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FIF Recieves Notice of Anticipated Deferment - OTC Equities

On Thursday, January 9, FIF joined the industry in an in-person meeting on the reporting expectations of OTC Equities for CAT Phase 2c. Due to several identified challenges, the outcome of the meeting resulted in a notice of anticipated deferment of OTC equities reporting until 2021. OTC equities reporting will remain the same as it is currently reported in OATS and Phase 2a, subject to a slight caveat.  FIF is hoping to continue pushing for additional relief over the next few months.  If your firm has any specific questions pertaining to the anticipated relief, please send an email to  

Posted Jan 13, 2020

FINRA CAT to host a "CAT 101" Webinar

On Wednesday, January 8 at 2:00pm et, FINRA CAT will host a "CAT 101" webinar.  The webinar is designed for Industry Members that may be new to, or less familar with CAT, and provide an introduction to reporting requirements, timelines, and mechanics of CAT.  If your firm has recently onboarded staff to support CAT implementation or if you are a vendor/clearing firm/service bureau supporting CAT reporting obligations for corresondents, please forward detail of the webinar to the appropriate person/firm.  FIF disseminated login details in a calendar invite to our CAT Committee members.  If you did not receive that invite, please find the details of the webinar here

Posted Jan 06, 2020

FIF Website Update

Like many of you, FIF has made a New Year Resolution. In 2020, we aim to modernize the look and funtionality of our website.  FIF began the process of developing the new site in the beginning of 2019 and is near completion.  FIF aims to do a "soft launch" of the site before the end of week, with the intent of providing our members an opportunity preview our new website and provide us with feedback prior to making the site live. Please keep an eye out for an email from the progam office on Thursday or Friday providing a link to the test site. 

Posted Jan 06, 2020

FIF Publishes Cloud Technology Best Practices Document

The FIF Cloud Technology Working Group spent 2019 compiling useful information from our monthly working group meetings into a Best Practices Document. The 2019 FIF Cloud Technology Best Practices Document is now available on the FIF website here. Many thanks to the co-chairs, spotlight presenters and working group members who helped make this document possible. 

Posted Jan 06, 2020

FIF Submits Industry Feedback on Remaining Phase 2c Issues

On December 23, FIF submitted industry member feedback to FINRA CAT/SROs on remaining Phase 2c issues, including OTC Equity Reporting, Rejection Scenarios, and Allocations.  FIF is in the process of creating materials on additional Phase 2c issues that must be addressed prior to the publication of the final Phase 2c Spec on January 31, including Order Effective Time, Handing Instructions, and Response to Quote.  FIF will address these remaining issues over the next several CAT Tech Spec Review meetings, beginning on Friday, January 3.

Posted Dec 30, 2019