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FIF Submits Comment Letter on EBS to SEC

On July 17, 2019, FIF submitted a comment letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission responding to the Commission’s request for comment on the current EBS request/response process.  FIF’s comments focused on our response to the 1) recommendations intended to improve the current EBS reporting process; 2) provide feedback on the accuracy of the Commission’s estimation of the volume of EBS requests disseminated to firms; and 3) CAT as a potential solution.  Please find the full text of the comment letter here.


Posted Jul 22, 2019

FIF Discuss Potential Solutions to LTD Phase 3 and Rule 606 with SEC

On Wednesday, July 10, FIF joined SIFMA at a meeting with SEC Staff to discuss potential solutions to Large Trade Phase 3 through the CAT Customer/Account information database. Additionally, FIF met with SEC Division of Trading and Markets Staff to discuss SEC Rule 606.

Posted Jul 15, 2019


FIF is pleased to announce that HSBC has joined the FIF Community.

Posted Jul 15, 2019


FIF welcomes XTX Markets LLC as new members of the FIF Community.

Posted Jul 15, 2019

FIF Sponsors CAT Cost Survey

FIF has initiated a CAT Cost Survey designed to provide FIF member firms with a general view of the current/future costs (and potential cost savings) required to implement the CAT.  The intent of this survey is to provide FIF members with cost details from peer firms to determine budgetary allocation required for CAT implementation in 2020 and beyond.  Please consider responding to FIF’s CAT Cost Survey at your earliest convenience.

Posted Jul 08, 2019