FIF Spotlight Presentations (12/28)

FIF Back Office Committee

On Tuesday, January 19th at 11am ET, Steven Prosperi from DTCC will present on Project Whitney. DTCC’s proposals are contained in two case studies that advance the organization’s efforts to evaluate new ways to enhance post-trade processes through the digitalization of assets. The case studies – Project Ion and Project Whitney - are the latest efforts by DTCC to examine the potential use of DLT, asset digitalization and other emerging technologies. Project Ion, which we've previously covered on the December Back Office call, seeks to build on DTCC’s successful efforts over the past several years to further optimize the settlement process in the public markets, while Project Whitney considers opportunities to provide increased levels of digitalization throughout the private market asset lifecycle.

FIF Tax Spotlight: Virtual Currency Update

On Thursday, January 21st at 11am ET, Wolters Kluwer will host a spotlight discussion on Virtual Currencies from a tax information reporting point of view. This will be part one of a two part spotlight series on the topic.

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