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FIF is an industry trade group comprised of over 100 broker-dealers, exchanges/ATS, and financial technology vendors that work in a collaborative environment to address the implementation issues that impact the financial technology industry across the order lifecycle.


FIF Offers Members Valuable Insight

to better understand new rule initiatives and develop implementation responses without adding unnecessary overhead costs.

Top Initiatives

Consolidated Audit Trail

Since the inception of SEC Rule 613, FIF is the leading industry trade group focused on driving CAT implementation challenges to successful completion through collaboration with industry members, Regulators, and the Plan Processor.

Data and Technology

The Committee brings together industry practitioners to discuss market trends, innovation, and regulation on market data and financial technology


FIF has held a webinar series on the SEC Market Data Infrastructure Rule. Click above to learn more.

SEC Rule 606

Through our comment letters and industry outreach initiatives, FIF has directly influenced necessary changes to several critical features of 606 implementation.

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  1. Stay informed on Current Regulatory and Market Initiatives
  2. Drive Industry Issues to Successful Resolution
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