FIF to Provide Regulators with Observations of Initial CAT Go-Live Challenges

FIF continues to work closely  with industry member stakeholders and the regulators to support the efficient transition to CAT testing and production go-live dates.  FIF has gathered substantial feedback from our industry member firms concerning identified issues that may pose challenges in CAT as additional validations go-live.  FIF is in the process of drafting a letter in an effort to promote open communication with the regulators concerning  current and anticipated challenges to the regulators.  FIF will review a draft of the letter during the July 1, 2:00pm CAT Tech Spec Working Group meeting.  Please consider submitting feedback concerning challenges your firm has experienced to   

POSTED Jun 29,2020

FIF Holds CAT Roundtable on Wednesday, June 17

FIF would like to thank all those who attended the FIF CAT roundtable on Wednesday, June 17. Specific topics included testing, resource management, best practice guidance, and a preview of Phase 2c - 2e deliverables.  Panelists included Shelly Bohlin, FINRA CAT; Ron Veith, JP Morgan; Dave Emero, Goldman Sachs; Ron Jordan, Kingland Systems; Mike Major, SIG; Will Leahey, Refinitiv; Mark Hendrickson, D.A. Davidson; and Merissa Billingsley, Fidessa. Please find the recording of the webinar here.

POSTED Jun 22,2020

Follow-Up Discussion with ICMA and DTCC Representatives on CSDR

Following the June 8th meeting, on June 23rd at 10am FIF's CSDR/EU Buy-In Working Group will host a follow-up question and answer session with Andy Hill; Senior Director, ICMA and Matthew Johnson, Associate Director, DTCC.  The Q&A session centered upon the ICMA's and DTCC's perspective on several issues concerning the impact of the new EU settlement regime on US-domiciled firms. If you are interested in joining this working group and participating in this Q&A session, please update your profile here or reach out to

POSTED Jun 15,2020

FIF CAT Roundtable: Wednesday, June 17 at 3:00pm et

FIF will be holding a CAT Roundtable on Wednesday, June 17th at 3pm ET.   Panelists will include Shelly Bohlin, FINRA CAT; Ron Veith, JP Morgan; Dave Emero;  Ron Jordan, Kingland Systems;  Mike Major, SIG; Will Leahey, Refinitiv; Mark Hendrickson, D.A. Davison; and Merissa Billingsley, FidessaIf you have not registered for this event and wish to attend, please register here.  Register soon as remaining spots are limited.

POSTED Jun 15,2020

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