FIF Market Data Infrastructure Webinar Series (Part 7)

Join us November 11 at 4:15pm ET for part seven of our webinar series on the implementation considerations of the SEC Market Data Infrastructure Rule. Tom Jordan, FIF Advisory Chair, and Manisha Kimmel, Chief Policy Officer at MayStreet, will discuss the November 5th filing of the Plan Amendment by the SROs. The agenda will include a summary of the amendment, status of governance changes,  potential next steps and audience participation. In order to attend this webinar, please register here. If you have any questions, please email us at

POSTED Oct 25,2021

FIF Rule 606 Working Group

The Rule 606 Working Group will meet on Thursday, October 28 at 11am ET to continue its discussion of a draft comment letter on FINRA Regulatory Notice 21-35, “FINRA Requests Comment on Proposed Order Routing Disclosure Requirements for OTC Equity Securities and Potential Steps to Facilitate Investor Access to Current Order Routing Disclosures for NMS Securities.”

POSTED Oct 25,2021

FIF Front Office Committee

The FIF Front Office Committee will meet on Tuesday October 26 at 11am ET to review applicable updates and notices from the SEC, FINRA, FINRA CAT and the equity and option exchanges.

POSTED Oct 25,2021

FIF Data & Technology Committee Meeting

The FIF Data and Technology Committee will meet on Wednesday, October 27 at 10am ET to review capacity, latency and volume data for the prior month for the equity, options, currency, crypto and futures markets. For the spotlight presentation this month we will have Gary Leinberger from Exegy come on to present on the topic of growing bandwidth requirements for North American equities and commodities data.

POSTED Oct 25,2021

Additional CAIS Working Group Meeting

Because of the large number of issues that the CAIS Working Group is currently reviewing, FIF has scheduled an additional call for this week on Monday October 25 at 11am ET. During this call, the Working Group will discuss issues and questions from FIF members relating to CAIS reporting for specific types of accounts, including trusts, estates, ERISA Plans, LLCs and foreign accounts. This call is in addition to the standing Wednesday and Friday CAIS Working Group calls.

POSTED Oct 25,2021

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