FIF Rule 605 Working Group

The next meeting for the FIF Rule 605 Working Group will be held on April 1 at 10 am. The Working Group will continue to discuss FIF member recommendations for modernizing the current Rule 605. The Working Group also will continue discussion of potential expansion of Rule 605 reporting to include options, OTC equities, broker-level disclosure and trade-level disclosure. If you are not a member of the Rule 605 Working Group and would like to join, update your working group subscriptions in your profile here: If you're having trouble, or forgot your password, email for assistance.

POSTED Mar 22,2021

Upcoming Calls with FINRA CAT

On March 23, the FIF CAIS Working Group Co-Chairs will participate on a call with FINRA CAT to get clarification on an industry survey from the CAT Plan Participants relating to authorized traders. On March 25, members of the FIF CAIS Working Group will participate on a call with FINRA CAT to discuss the CAIS feedback process.

POSTED Mar 22,2021

SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate)

At the request of FIF members, FIF has scheduled a call for March 26 to discuss industry best practices on trade confirmation language for repos executed at a spread to the SOFR rate (Secured Overnight Financing Rate). If you are interested in participating on the call, please send an email to

POSTED Mar 22,2021

Upcoming Spotlight Presentations (3/15)

  • Back Office Committee. On March 16, the Co-Chairs of the FIF Back Office Committee (Susan Crozier of FIS and Doug Gifford of Broadridge) will lead a discussion of the recent DTCC T+1 whitepaper, Advancing Together: Leading the Industry to Accelerated Settlement.
  • Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology Working Groups. On March 23, Josh Burns of CitiHub will present on Secrets Management in the Financial Industry Using a Hashicorp Vault Implementation.
  • Tax Information Reporting Working Group. On March 25, Stevie Conlon and colleagues at Wolters Kluwer will present Part 2 of their Spotlight on Virtual Currency.
  • Data and Technology Working Group. On March 31, Brian Faughnan of SIAC will present on Pillar migration updates.

POSTED Mar 15,2021

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