Tax Information Reporting Working Group

The next call for the FIF Tax Information Reporting Working Group will be on Thursday September 28 at 3 pm ET. The spotlight presenter will be Neil Bromberg of EY, who will discuss Automation and AI in Tax Operations. FIF has also invited the members of the FIF Emerging Technologies Working Group for this call. If you would like to participate on this call and are not a member of either of these Working Groups, please update your FIF profile or contact

POSTED Sep 25,2023

FIF Chicago Event

Our Annual Chicago Event hosted by Cboe Global Markets will be taking place on Monday October 30. Registration in the lobby begins at 3 pm CT, the speaking engagement will be from 4-5:30 pm CT with refreshments and networking afterwards from 5:30-7 pm CT. The panel topics and speakers will be announced in the coming weeks, please register here. FIF would like to thank Cboe Global Markets for sponsoring this event. If you have any questions, please contact

POSTED Sep 18,2023

Revised Schedule for FIF CAT Calls for this Week

FIF will host two calls this week for the CAT Transaction Reporting Working Group. The first call will be on Tuesday September 19 at 2 pm ET. During this call, FIF members will discuss the SEC’s September 6 Order approving the Executed Share Model for CAT funding, including current status and next steps. FIF members also will discuss a draft presentation to FINRA requesting that FINRA provide additional data to facilitate reconciliation of Section 31 fees. The second call will be on Wednesday September 20 at 2 pm ET. During this call, the Working Group will discuss issues and questions from FIF members, a recent note from FINRA CAT relating to clock synchronization, recent updates to the CAT FAQs, and draft FIF member comments and questions for FINRA CAT.

POSTED Sep 18,2023

Back Office Committee

The Back Office Committee will have its next call on Tuesday September 19 at 11 am ET to review applicable FICC, DTC, NSCC, SEC, MSRB, OCC, IRS and FINRA updates during the past month.

POSTED Sep 18,2023

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