New FIF Working Group: Securities Lending Transparency

FIF has created a new working group called the Securities Lending Transparency Working Group. This group will discuss and prepare a comment letter on the SEC’s November 18 rule proposal to create a new reporting system for securities lending. The reporting system, as proposed by the SEC, will apply to equities and bonds, including corporates, Treasuries, Agencies, asset and mortgage-backed securities, and municipal securities. The reporting system will include transaction and position reporting. In order to subscribe to this group, please either update your profile or email us at

FIF will schedule the first call to discuss the SEC rule proposal for Tuesday, November 30 at 11am ET. For the first call, FIF will invite members of the TRACE, Short Sales/Reg SHO/Short Interest Reporting and Compliance Working Groups, as well as the new Securities Lending Transparency Working Group. This is to ensure that the relevant people are aware of the new rule proposal. For subsequent calls, FIF only will invite members of the new Securities Lending Transparency Working Group.

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