CAT Counterparty Contact Utility

Exchange Info
Broker Name Business Line [IMID] CAT Contact - Name Email Phone # CRD #
Gold Coast Securities, Inc.
Golden Eagle Capital Advisors - GECA
Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC Thomas Odell 212-357-1145 361
Googins Advisors, Inc.
Gordon Haskett Capital Corporation
Gradient Securities, LLC
Green Street Trading, LLC
Greenberg Financial Group, Inc.
Griffin Financial Group
Griffinest Asia Securities, LLC
Griffiths McBurney Corp
Grodsky Associates, inc.
Group One Trading LP Jonathan Vega 646-827-6030 37484
GTS Securities, LLC
Guggenheim Securities Jason ng 917 608 8167 40638
Guggenheim Securities, LLC GUGS Lane Prince 9179295252 40638
Gunn & Company Incorporated
Guzman & Company
H. Beck, Inc.

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