CAT Counterparty Contact Utility

Exchange Info
Broker Name Business Line [IMID] CAT Contact - Name Email Phone # CRD #
HRT Execution Services LLC
HRT Financial LLC
HSBC Laura Liu 212-525-7255 19585
HSBC Ariana Adesso 2125254468 19585
HSBC Securities Inc Robert England 2125256366 19585
Huntleigh Securities Corporation
IDB Capital Corp.
IMC Financial Markets
Imperial Capital, LLC
Incapital LLC INCP Jim Papagiannis 3123793764 101420
Incapital LLC INCP SS&C FMG Compliance* [Primary Contact] (844) 662-2977 101420
Incapital LLC INCP Thomas Belka (312) 379-3722 101420
Incapital LLC INCP Christine Billings (312) 379-3732 101420
Incapital LLC INCP Pat Smiley (312) 379-3766 101420
Incapital LLC INCP Mark DiValerio (312) 379-3755 101420
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Services, LLC* ICBC SS&C Eze* 312-442-8122 131487
InfoReach, Inc.
ING Financial Markets, LLC INGF John Dispigna 646-424-7567 28872

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