CAT Counterparty Contact Utility - User Access Instructions

To request access to the Utility, please follow the instructions below:

  • The Utility is only accessible to CAT Reporting Brokers (“CAT Reporters”) or Agents** thereof;
  • All Requestors must be registered users of FIF. If you have not registered with FIF, please register here and ensure that the CAT Counterparty Contact Utility checkbox is marked. Please note the Utility is available to both FIF Members and non-FIF member* CAT Reporters;
  • The information provided below must reference the contact information of the person(s) assigned to manage their firm’s CAT error reconciliation process;
  • If the Requestor is the first employee of their firm to request access to the Utility, the Requestor must complete and submit the form below. Once the CAT Reporter’s contact information is populated in the Utility, additional employees may request access via;
  • If the CAT Reporter uses an Agent to perform part or all of its error reconciliation process, the CAT Reporter must provide FIF with the contact details of the Agent. Please note when an Agent’s contact information is populated in the Utility under the CAT Reporter’s name, the CAT Reporter’s name will be starred (ex. Sample Securities*);
  • Please email with any questions

Registration Form

*If your firm is not a FIF Member, you will be unsubscribed from any FIF Committees or Working Groups you selected during the registration process. While the CAT Counterparty Contact Utility is open to all CAT Reporters, access to our working group meetings and in-person events are for full members only.

** Agent: For the purpose of the Utility, Agents are defined as entities that satisfy each prong of the following three-part test: 1) The CAT Reporting Broker and Agent have entered into a contractual relationship; 2) the contract specifies that the Agent’s responsibilities include management [in part or in whole] of the Broker’s CAT error reconciliation and resubmission process; and 3) the Agent and Broker’s contractual relationship requires the Agent to contact counterparties of the Broker.

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