SEC Grants FIF's Request for an Extension of 606 Compliance Date

On Wednesday, April 24, the Securities and Exchange Commission granted FIF’s request for an extension of SEC Rule 606’s May 20, 2019 compliance date.  To view the extension notice, please click here.  FIF continues to work with Commission Trading and Markets Staff on additional guidance required by industry members to meet the expectations of the Rule.  If you would like to join FIF’s SEC Rule 606 Working Group, please update your profile here or email the program office at

POSTED Apr 29,2019

IHS Markit to Present Spotlight Topic on FIF Data & Tech Call

During our FIF Data & Technology Committee call this Wednesday 4/24, IHS Markit will present the spotlight topic this month, focusing on Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Industry.  The spotlight topic will be presented by Don Tait, who co-authored the report. Please contact the program office at if you are interested in joining this meeting.

POSTED Apr 22,2019

FIF Attends In-Person Meeting on CAT

On Tuesday, April 16th, FIF attended an in-person meeting with FINRACAT/SROs to discuss CAT connectivity, submission and security.  FIF reviewed the content of that meeting during the Wednesday, April 17 CAT Working Group Meeting, but if your firm was unable to attend and would like further information, please contact the program office at

POSTED Apr 22,2019

FIF Met with SEC to discuss SEC Rule 606 Challenges

FIF met with the SEC Division of Trading and Markets Staff on Rule 606 on Thursday, April 11th.  FIF discussed several remaining challenges with respect to the implementatation of Rule 606.  If you would like more detail on the content of FIF's meeting with the Commission, please send an email to 

POSTED Apr 15,2019

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