Call for Participation: CAT Manual Events

Last Thursday, the SRO Industry Member Technical Specification Working Group introduced Manual Events as an additional topic for industry analysis.  Following the framing discussion, the Industry Associations will be forming a subgroup to analyze Manual Event reporting requirements, understand potential changes to business processes, and provide practical recommendations to the SROs and the Plan Processor.  The subgroup will be meeting for the first time tomorrow, May 22 @ 3pm et. If you would like to participate in this working group, please contact the program office at

POSTED May 21,2018

Webinar: Data Management for CAT Reporting

FIF will be participating in the upcoming CAT Data Management Webinar hosted by OneMarketData on Thursday, May 17th at 10 am et. The FIF Advisory Committee Chair, Tom Jordan, will participate in the webinar which will detail CAT data requirements, review data management problems and solutions, and discuss potential benefits of the CAT for regulators and market participants within its scope. It will also touch on similar initiatives in other jurisdictions. Register here for Thursday's webinar. 

POSTED May 14,2018

FIF Releases Statement on CAT Go Live Date

FIF has issued a statement addressing the November 2018 go live date of Industry Member CAT Reporting.  This statement is intended to provide industry members with additional information regarding the viability of the current CAT compliance date.  Find our statement here.

POSTED May 08,2018

FIF Forms CAT Subgroup on Cybersecurity

FIF has formed a CAT subgroup focusing on firm cybersecurity requirements under the Consolidated Audit Trail. The group will meet every Monday at 1:00 pm et.  If you'd like to join this subgroup, please email the program office at 

POSTED Apr 30,2018

FIF will Hold a Cybersecurity Working Group Meeting on Thursday

FIF will hold a Cybersecurity call on Thursday, April 26th at 10 am et. We will be discussing the SIFMA Cybersecurity Insider Threat Best Practices Guide and go over the April 24th FBI Boston Infragard Meeting on Insider Threat Intelligence. If you would like to join this working group, please email the program office at 

POSTED Apr 23,2018

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