CAT Counterparty Contact Utility

Exchange Info
Broker Name Business Line [IMID] CAT Contact - Name Email Phone # CRD #
Citigroup John Michaels 5167431199 7059
Citigroup Derivatives Markets, Inc.
CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS INC SBSH Anthony Luciano (212) 816-8240 7059
Citizens Securities, Inc.
City National Securities
CJS Securities
CL King & Associates, Inc. KING Richard Gimon 5184313559 6183
Clarksons Platou Securities Inc.
Clear Street LLC CLST Christy Moccia 6468442163 288933
Clear Street LLC CLST Meredith Young 646-532-6433 288933
Clear Street Markets LLC WBPX Noah Henderson 646-277-7203 159283
Clearpool Execution Services, LLC Keith Fortier 212-531-8505 168490
Client One Securities LLC
CLSA Americas, LLC Haley West 212-549-5090 165533
Coastal Equities, Inc.
Cobra Trading, Inc. CBRV Brandon Kaisler 9724917999 5354274
CODA Markets, Inc.
Coker & Palmer Inc.
Colonial Securities, inc.

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