CAT Counterparty Contact Utility

Exchange Info
Broker Name Business Line [IMID] CAT Contact - Name Email Phone # CRD #
Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.
Bernard Herold & Co., Inc.
Bernardi Securities, Inc.
Berthel Fisher
BestVest Investments, Ltd.
BIDS Trading LP 141296:BIDS Sean Dempsey 212-618-2090 141296
Bill Few Securities, Inc.
Bley Investment Group, Inc.
Bluefin Trading LLC
BMA Securities LLC
BMO Capital Markets Brett Utnick 201-284-7326 16686
BMO Capital Markets BMOC Brett Utnick 9177237658 16686
BNP Paribas Securities Corp [BNPS] Roselyn Fernandez 201-850-5522 15794
BNP Paribas Securities Corp BNPX Ellea Fernando 201-850-5725 15794
BNP Securities Corp BNPS Perry Smith 914-837-6912 15794
BOC International (USA) Inc.
Boerboel Capital
BOFA SECURITIES, INC. Data Management Team 646-743-2697 283942

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