CAT Counterparty Contact Utility

Exchange Info
Broker Name Business Line [IMID] CAT Contact - Name Email Phone # CRD #
Charles Schwab & Co. Dana Ceuca 720-418-3716 5393
Chelsea Financial Services
Chickasaw Securities LLC
Chimera Securities
China Renaissance Securities (US) Inc.
Churchill Capital USA, Inc CHLC SS&C Eze* (312) 442-8122 143278
Churchill Financial, LLC
CICC US Securities, Inc.
CIG Securities, Inc.
CIM Securities LLC
Citadel Securities CDRG Viktor Grinberg 312 395-4259 116797
Citadel Securities Kyle Bieneman 3123952486 116797
Citadel Securities Institutional Kyle Bieneman 3123952486 281102
Citadel Securities Institutional LLC Dan Huizinga 3123952054 281102
Citadel Securities LLC Dan Huizinga 3123952054 116797
Citigroup Romesh Patel 917-627-4988 7059
Citigroup John Michaels 716-491-7291 7059

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