Bill Hebert to Speak at FIS Connect Event

Bill Hebert, Managing Director, FIF will be speaking on a panel at the FIS Connect Event, focusing on cybersecurity controls within Financial Services Firms on Wednesday, April 11.

POSTED Apr 09,2018

FIF Continues to Lead the Charge on CAT

FIF has continued the industry charge on CAT, completing deep dives on riskless principal and manual quotes with the SROs, and visiting the SEC to discuss Industry Member concerns as well as an Alternative Implementation Plan.   We continue our extensive work on CAT via deep dives in complex orders, EBS, options pricing and, CAT OTC Equities Reporting. Participation is always encouraged; if you'd like to join any of the CAT subgroups please reach out to the program office at

POSTED Apr 02,2018

Cybersecurity/Cloud Technology Working Group Update

With our Cybersecurity Working Group meeting on Thursday and the Cloud Technology Working Group meeting next Thursday, we thought this would be a good time to provide updates on these two groups to our membership. The Cloud Technology Working Group, the newer of the two groups, has attained two co-chairs and will begin its workstream to create a best practices document on implementing cloud technology starting on Thursday, April 5th. Meanwhile the Cybersecurity Working Group continues to focus on relevant cybersecurity threats to firms today. On Thursday, the group will explore internal risk controls that firms can employ to protect their internal business as well as their clients valuable information.  We've been receiving positive feedback from both groups; however, we would welcome expanded participation. If you're not in these groups and would like to join, please email Kevin in the program office at and if you're already subscribed to the group and would like to see a particular topic covered, reach out to us at the same address and we will work to add that to future agendas.

POSTED Mar 26,2018

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