FIF Launches Reg SCI Working Group

On Thursday (8/31) the Financial Information Forum is launching a Reg SCI Best Practices Working Group to assist Reg SCI entities with Reg SCI compliance, as well as to educate and assist member firms that are not yet Reg SCI entities (Broker-Dealers, ATSs, Service Bureaus) with gaining a better understanding of Reg SCI best practices for incorporation within their firm.  For more information, please contact the program office at

POSTED Aug 28,2017

FIF to hold Quarterly Event focusing on the Consolidated Audit Trail

FIF will be hosting a quarterly event, sponsored by Morgan Stanley on Monday, September 25th.  The event will feature a panel of industry experts who will discuss various topics related to the implementation of CAT followed by a networking reception. 

An event page will be posted on later today which will include all of the specific details on the event, including the schedule, location, panelists and topic.  Due to limited number of seats and high demand, we will initially be offering two tickets per FIF member-firm. If additional tickets become available, they will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

POSTED Aug 28,2017

FIF Creates Two New CAT Subgroups

In discussing with members and in response to CAT Industry Outreach efforts, FIF has initiated two new subgroups: The CAT Allocations Subgroup and the CAT Options Subgroup, with meetings starting last week.  The calls have been well attended, including representation from SIFMA, with each group working through specific use cases as well as current or anticipated reporting challenges. These meetings, combined with FIF’s involvement in more frequent meetings with the Plan Processor, Thesys, continues to support CAT implementation efforts for our members and the industry.  If you have interest in joining either of these two subgroups, email us at

POSTED Aug 07,2017

New FIF Member Firm: ULLINK

FIF is pleased to announce that ULLINK has joined the Financial Information Forum Community. Ullink provides global, market leading multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure for buy-side and sell-side market participants.

POSTED Jul 31,2017

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