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Exegy Adds IEX Data to X-Port Service

Exegy Adds IEX Data to X-Port Service

ST LOUIS – 6 March 2017 – Exegy Inc., a leading provider of managed services and technology for real-time financial market data, announced today the addition of IEX data to its X-Port market data vending service.  The Exegy X-Port service provides low-latency access to direct feed products from US equities, options, and futures markets at major co-location data centers.
“We’re excited to work with Exegy to offer the IEX TOPS feed through the new X-Port service,” said Rob Park, IEX’s chief technology officer. “At IEX, we’re committed to ensuring that all market participants have equal access to the market data they need to make informed trading decisions. That includes publishing IEX TOPS data for free through networks like Exegy that they already trust and use.”
“The direct feed from IEX is an essential component of our US equities offering through X-Port,” says David Taylor, Exegy’s chief technology officer.  “In addition to providing market participants with a high-quality, differentiated execution venue, IEX is a fast-growing part of the National Market System and its real-time data is an essential ingredient in building a complete view of the National Best Bid and Offer for US equities.” 
Flexible and fast computation of the National Best Bid and Offer from direct market data feeds is a key feature of Exegy hardware-accelerated appliances that perform market data normalization, enrichment, and distribution.  Exegy customers include some of the leading market makers, agency execution providers, Alternative Trading System (ATS) and exchange operators. The new X-Port service may be combined with Exegy’s hardware-accelerated appliances and embedded software ticker plants to build a complete market data solution that is fully managed by Exegy.
About Exegy, Inc.
Exegy provides best-of-breed technology and managed services for the normalization and distribution of real-time market data to a diverse set of élite firms in the financial services industry. Today Exegy serves as a strategic partner to leading exchange and ATS operators, market makers, sell-side banks, buy-side asset managers, and proprietary traders. At the heart of Exegy’s product line are purpose-built, hardware-accelerated appliances derived from an extensive portfolio of patented and patent-pending technology.  For more information, please visit www.exegy.com and follow Exegy on LinkedIn and Twitter @ExegyMarketData

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