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Liquidnet to Acquire OTAS Technologies

Liquidnet, the global institutional trading network, announced its acquisition of OTAS Technologies, an analytics platform that delivers market intelligence and context directly to institutional traders and portfolio managers. The institutional trading landscape is changing rapidly as new regulations have firmly shifted responsibility for achieving and justifying best execution to the buy side. This can be a complicated process due to differing and changing market structures around the world, real-time market dynamics, market fragmentation, and varying liquidity profiles. To help traders successfully manage this new landscape, Liquidnet launched Virtual High Touch (VHT) in November 2016, a new category of trader intelligence and decision-support tools for institutional traders that combines data analytics, liquidity search tools, algorithms, and real-time decision support. Launched in 2011, OTAS Technologies has more than 60 financial institutions currently accessing OTAS’s platform either directly or via one of its several channel partners, which include several OMS and EMS providers.

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