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Whitebox Advisors Selects Broadridge Technology Platform

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. announced that Whitebox Advisors, a global multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, has chosen Broadridge’s solution to transform Whitebox’s technology platform to a new paradigm of hedge fund operations.  Broadridge will provide a fully hosted and integrated platform of trading, portfolio management, reference data, reconciliation and data warehouse solutions to manage Whitebox’s front, middle and back-office operations.  Broadridge’s integrated solution will enable Whitebox to streamline and automate workflow around a complex array of traded instruments. Broadridge will be hosting Advent’s Geneva, thereby integrating Geneva with Broadridge’s data warehouse, HTML 5-based reporting solution and order management / portfolio management/ risk management system, which is backed by Broadridge’s central security master and pricing solutions. Replacing the siloed solutions means no longer being tied to aligning the upgrade paths of multiple vendor solutions with all the of operational risks and costs related thereto.

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