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Barclay’s Rise New York to Join FIA’s Innovators Pavilion

FIA announced that Rise New York, created by Barclays, has joined the FIA Innovators Pavilion as a community partner. Rise New York will help FIA promote the Innovators Pavilion, FIA’s annual fintech showcase. This year’s FIA Expo will take place in Chicago on Oct. 16-18. Rise New York is part of the Barclays global open innovation platform. Through a network of connected sites in five of the world’s top fintech ecosystems, Rise delivers numerous programs that facilitate rapid engagement between Barclays and the Rise community in order to solve some of the biggest challenges facing financial services. By collaborating with Barclays, Rise members receive advice and mentorship from some of the world’s leading experts in financial services, as well as having access to a new global customer.

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