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Thomson Reuters Enhances Capital Markets Data

Thomson Reuters has enhanced its Reuters Capital Markets 19901 (RCM19901) service with pricing sourced through Dealerweb and ICAP, providing its fixed income trading clients with a global rates offering to further enable their trading decisions. This is the first time that Tradeweb’s Dealerweb pricing will be available to the market, delivering pricing from leading market makers for the RCM 19901 service.  RCM 19901 offers US Treasury data from Dealerweb’s low latency central limit order book (CLOB), and USD interest rate swap and multi-currency information sourced from ICAP. This allows users to retrieve up-to-date pricing, reference, and valuation data. RCM 19901 data can be licensed for use in multiple formats for various functions, including real-time individual desktop use through the Thomson Reuters financial desktop product Eikon, as well as real-time enterprise feeds or intraday snap shots.

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