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Instinet Signs Liquidity Streaming Agreement with SSW Market Making

Instinet Europe has announced the latest in a series of liquidity streaming partnerships through a new agreement with pan-European liquidity provider, SSW Market Making, according to a story inTheTrade news. The deal follows similar agreements with Virtu Financial and Sun Trading (since acquired by Hudson River) that were implemented last year as the industry prepared for the implementation of the MiFID II regime. The liquidity streaming relationship between Instinet and SSW Market Making will enable Instinet to provide incremental original liquidity across a range of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including very illiquid symbols to its buy-side and sell-side clients.  The agreement is also aimed at providing clients with opportunities to interact, on an anonymous basis, with a new source of market maker liquidity, without having to establish separate bilateral connections: SSW Market Making will interact with Instinet as a known counterparty, as the liquidity provider can offer price improvements and larger sizes.

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