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DTCC Partners with Symphony on Exception Manager Service

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation announced it has signed an agreement with Symphony that significantly expands communication and collaboration capabilities within the DTCC Exception Manager (DXM) service. Symphony is a messaging and collaboration platform used by many financial services companies for both internal and external communications. DTCC has signed agreements to become both a Symphony partner and client, enabling users of DXM, who are also users of Symphony, to securely use exception information displayed in the DXM platform and post it into a Symphony chat room. DXM was launched early this year to provide a central industry platform to publish, manage, and communicate exceptions throughout the trade settlement lifecycle process. DXM supports all securities transactions globally, capturing exception details from custodians, broker dealers, prime brokers and CSDs while standardizing exception processing to enable faster issue resolution. Effective collaboration and communication using the data within the DXM platform enables faster issue identification, resource allocation, and timely exception resolution of trade issues. The integration with Symphony chat is expected to be available in early 2019.

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