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Itiviti Connects OEMS to Aquis Exchange

Aquis Exchange has entered into a partnership with trading technology specialist Itiviti, which will provide its clients access to flow on the exchange’s platform. According to a story in The Trade, Itiviti is set to build a connection to the pan-European cash equities multilateral trading facility (MTF), known as Aquis MTF, through its order and execution management system (OEMS). The deal will also provide Aquis with increased market access due to Itiviti’s global presence, including Scandinavia. Aquis Exchange is also planning to install Itiviti’s automated regression testing technology tool, VeriFIX Enterprise, which was rolled out earlier this year. The tool will allow Aquis to speed up its internal regression testing, streamline the development and quality assurance process for a better time-to-market on new functionalities that are brought to the exchange.

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