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Refinitiv Launches Data Aggregator for Fixed Income Trades

Refinitiv has launched a data aggregator for fixed income trade data available through MiFID II requirements in a bid to remove the complexity of consuming data feeds from both individual reporting and trading venues. Trade data, from approved publication arrangements (APAs) and multilateral trading facilities (MTFs), created as a result of the European regulation can be accessed via Refinitiv through a single consolidated data feed. It will be available as an application on the desktop via Eikon or the Elektron Data Platform, which includes integrated content and services for clients to access data and analytics. The feed will allow firms to assess prices and find liquidity from more than 28 MiFID II reporting and trading venues currently operating under the rules. Refinitiv has made efforts recently to bolster its bond trading data through a partnership with iQbonds. The agreement saw Refinitiv add iQbonds’ market making and pricing technology to its Eikon desktop, giving traders the ability to quote bonds across electronic markets while trading and placing orders.

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