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Liquidnet Launches New Workflow and Management Tool for the Buyside

Liquidnet announced the launch of Ecosystem Pro, an intelligent workflow and blotter management tool designed to help buy-side traders analyze, monitor, and automate execution strategies across multiple symbols simultaneously in Liquidnet's Execution Ecosystem. Liquidnet's Ecosystem Pro is composed of three main features: List Detection, Create Wave and Pro Blotter. Designed to streamline the actions taken when multiple stocks create a complex order pad, Liquidnet's dynamic List Detection allows traders to pause, leverage Liquidnet's analytical tools, and assess which execution tools fit their trading objectives. Once sorted by trading objectives and order characteristics, traders can then utilize Create Wave to action a wave of orders at once. Orders and waves are then grouped for easy monitoring in Blotter Pro view, allowing traders to act quickly and efficiently, changing course as desired. Ecosystem Pro is now available globally for all of Liquidnet's 1,000+ buy-side Member firms that are currently using Liquidnet 5.

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