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ICE Launches New Tick History Platform

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. announced the launch of a new cloud-based tick history platform called ICE DataVault. ICE DataVault is powered by the ICE Global Consolidated Feed, which delivers aggregated real-time data and content from over 600 global sources, for over 23 million instruments. ICE DataVault is a data management platform used to store, build and distribute historical tick data via programmatic, cloud, or click-thru access. Tick data is the most granular form of historical pricing data for securities, showing every price move, time stamped to a millisecond or greater precision, for every security throughout the trading day. ICE DataVault can be used to manage and source normalized historical tick data available on ICE Data Services’ Consolidated Feed and Tick History service. These services aggregate global content from more than 600 sources, including 300+ exchanges, 130+ FX contributors, OTC brokers and ICE’s streaming fixed income evaluated prices.

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