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Refinitiv Partners with Alternative Data Provider BattleFin

Refinitiv has made a strategic investment in alternative data platform and marketplace BattleFin and formed a partnership which will enable customers access to alternative datasets across its data platforms, including quantitative data management platform QA Direct in the Cloud. Quants and fundamental analysts will be able to access and test different alternative datasets alongside Refinitiv’s data offerings, such as I/B/E/S Estimates, WorldScope Fundamentals, and StarMineTM Quantitative Models. A sub-set of Refinitiv’s proprietary content will also be made available for testing within BattleFin’s alternative data marketplace Ensemble. Alternative datasets within Ensemble’s platform will be mapped to Refinitiv’s entity and security identifiers, including PermID. This is to help provide a holistic data workflow, assisting investors, analysts and data scientists efficiently integrate and mine these datasets for signals and leading indicators, as well as find alpha and new investment strategies. Refinitiv’s desktop Eikon will also be integrated with Ensemble to help improve data discovery for analysts and portfolio managers. The partnership will complement Refinitiv’s current alternative data offering available to customers including interactive mapping and commodities, news analytics, and social media sentiment data.

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