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Bloomberg Launches Public/Private Cloud-Based Analytics Platform

BQuant is the first data science solution from Bloomberg that is designed specifically for financial markets and offers operation-ready access to Bloomberg’s range of high-quality, multi-asset-class financial and alternative data sets. The financial industry’s leading firms have invested heavily in building systems to support quantitative analysts, who use mathematical models, voluminous data sets, and computational power to evaluate investment strategies and generate new ideas. BQuant Enterprise offers analysts more efficient workflows for creating, validating, and putting their models in production for decision making. The platform comprises finance-specific tools, services, and libraries to support a broad range of quantitative analytics, including factor model evaluation, back testing strategies, and analyzing portfolios, across asset classes. Also on offer are access to Bloomberg’s comprehensive range of multi-asset-class financial and alternative linked data sets as well as to an interactive platform rooted in Python and Jupiter notebooks. Quantitative analysts and data scientists focused on financial markets typically use Python’s open-source scientific computing ecosystem and empowers advanced users to build their own applications. The platform also has API-first analytics and domain-specific tools as well as research distribution capabilities. In addition, it is cloud ready and compatible with the most popular public clouds, as well as on-premises private and hybrid cloud environments.

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