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IHS Markit Partners with CanDeal to Improve Fixed Income Pricing Accessibility

Canadian financial markets, data and information services provider CanDeal has partnered with IHS Markit to integrate its proprietary market data into the latter’s platform, which will provide the Canadian market with a new level of fixed income pricing accessibility according to a story in The Trade news. CanDeal Data and Analytics (DNA) offers dealer-source pricing accuracy and, through its partnership with IHS Markit, plans to combat one of the biggest issues currently facing Canadian capital markets. The integration of CanDeal’s 1pm, 3pm and 4pm snapshot pricing will allow IHS Markit clients to access improved market datasets and make better informed pre- and post-trade decisions, while also mitigating market risk. A scope of pricing services and performance analytics are provided by CanDeal DNA, which it creates daily to meet the needs of buy- and sell-side traders in Canada. Launched in 2020, CanDeal DNA has been enhancing its fixed income data pool to provide Canada’s bond market landscape with improved pricing and liquidity, including the acquisition of CIBC’s fixed income last year.

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