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ICE Expands Wireless Service in Europe

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. announced it is expanding its wireless offering in Europe. ICE plans to offer market data and private bandwidth services over wireless between Bergamo, Frankfurt, London and within the London metro area. These new wireless networks are designed to provide market participants with a lower latency solution for connectivity between trading venues. According to a story in MarketsMedia news, following Euronext’s migration to Bergamo, ICE is planning to expand its wireless network and will connect markets in London and Frankfurt to the new Euronext location. Similarly, ICE plans to add the new London Stock Exchange data center in the London Docklands to its wireless portfolio when it goes live next year. These planned expanded offerings reflect ICE’s efforts to include data centers that are important to the trading landscape in its portfolio of services and provide customers with local and cross-border connectivity between major trading hubs. 

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