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Broadridge Automates Corporate Action and Dividend Events

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. announced that it will enable clients to better automate the processing of Corporate Action and Dividends events managed through the Euroclear CREST platform. The new solution capabilities further enable financial institutions to simplify and automate their corporate actions processing while reducing the risk and complexity across their business. This service includes event creation, instruction management and payments processing and settlement, thereby reducing risk associated with human error and providing significant cost savings for clients. The program will provide common members of both CREST and Broadridge Global Asset Servicing the ability to source CREST event data as part of the announcement capture process, in turn, facilitating the automation of instructions, increasing straight-through-processing rates, and minimizing the risks associated with manual instructions. This includes the handling of the time sensitive buyer protection process or ”ACON” specific to the UK Market. In addition, the systematic management of transformation and payment unique to the CREST platform is fully supported, providing full control over the booking and settlement of entitlements across event types for the Broadridge client.

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