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NYSE LaunchPad to Assist Startups on Their Growth Journey

The New York Stock Exchange, part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc, a leading global provider of data, technology, and market infrastructure, announced NYSE LaunchPad. This new program is designed to help today’s entrepreneurs leverage enterprise technology expertise through a secure, cloud-based platform. As part of the next chapter in how the NYSE and ICE help new and established companies thrive in continuously evolving market conditions, NYSE LaunchPad leverages the technical expertise that exists across ICE’s businesses. The program, which provides startup companies with the ability to evaluate, test, and receive actionable insights about their products, also allows them to leverage the NYSE’s unique visibility platform to share their innovations with a broad global audience. Participants in NYSE LaunchPad will have access to testing and evaluation using real-world use cases, access to invaluable feedback from today’s leading innovators and technology professionals, and participation in the annual Tech Summit conference held at NYSE.

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