Comment Letters

POSTED Nov 03, 2008
FIF Comment Letter to OCC Board of Directors to Address Current OSI Concerns
POSTED Feb 28, 2008
FIF Letter to the SEC regarding the proposal to amend trade reporting rules to require related market center indicator on certain non-tape reports submitted to FINRA
POSTED Feb 13, 2008
FIF Comment Letter to SEC on Amendment #1 of File No. 4-534 regarding the Proposed National Market System Plan for the Selection and Reservation of Securities Symbols.
POSTED Jan 30, 2008
FIF/SIFMA NASDAQ Symbology Survey Report based on feedback from 45 firms including broker-dealers, service bureaus, market data vendors, exchanges and DTCC
POSTED Dec 02, 2007
FIF Letter to the SEC regarding NASD’s proposed Rule 2231 to add additional information to non-institutional customer confirmations for trades in TRACE-eligible securities.
POSTED Aug 22, 2007
FIF comment letter to the SEC regarding implementation impact of proposed Exchange Symbology Plans.
POSTED Mar 29, 2007
Feedback provided to NASD regarding implementation isssues with the Self-Help Modifier
POSTED Mar 27, 2007
Comment letter sent to Nasdaq regarding implementation issues with the Comstock Suffix Symbology.
POSTED Mar 24, 2007
FIF input on impact of away market indicators on complying with NYSE Rule 409(f)
POSTED Feb 06, 2007
Comment discussing implementation issues with the self-help modifier.

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