Comment Letters

POSTED Feb 07, 2010
FIF Comment Letter to IRS on Proposed Basis Reporting by Securities Brokers and Basis Determination of Stock highlighting implementation issues in absence of final regulations
POSTED Dec 02, 2009
FIF Letter to Treasury on Cost Basis Requirements raising concerns about the January 2011 Implementation Timing
POSTED Nov 14, 2009
FIF Comment Letter to the IRS raising concerns regarding the current Cost Basis implementation date in light of lack of final regulations.
POSTED Nov 06, 2009

FIF Letter to FINRA regarding FINRA Regulatory Notice 09-53, Increased Margin Requirements for Leveraged ETFs and Associated Uncovered Options

POSTED Sep 23, 2009

FIF Letter to the SEC offering feedback on proposed Short Sale Amendments

POSTED Aug 05, 2009
FIF letter to ISG on LOPR addressing the implementing issues of dual submission
POSTED Jun 25, 2009
FIF Letter to the SEC commenting on proposed Short Sale Amendments
POSTED May 10, 2009
FIF Letter to the SEC regarding FINRA TRACE Expansion
POSTED Apr 27, 2009
FIF Letter to FINRA and NYSE Euronext Providing Feedback on NYSE Regulation Information Memo 09‐13 and FINRA Regulatory Notice 09-15 Based on Input from FIF Members
POSTED Apr 07, 2009
FIF Comment Letter II to the IRS offering additional feedback on IRS Notice 2009-17

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